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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

LiveVideo.com: A review


Months ago I jumped onto the bandwagon, I can even take pride in saying I joined YouTube before it was popular. Not like those sons and daughter of the 60’s and 70’s who rode to Woodstock after the right people had already done so. Thus producing a buzz-kill.
YouTube has been able to bring the great power of self-promotion to anyone with a cause or idea to sell. And sure it was a great deal, it was free after all. But the service sucked from time to time and was retiled with bugs. I was turned onto LiveVideo by a fellow YouTuber PeriUrban. And I have to give him massive points on this one.

One huge! Plus with LiveVideo.com is that everything works, from email to comments. And a much better video quality over YouTube. Also the little Easter egg of being able to choose your own thumbnail preview picture, mixed with the ability of total customization of your user account, I think YouTube just might get jealous over this small David standing over its giant.

However scantily clad teenagers still dominate the most viewed pages and LiveVideo has yet to show any similarly to the community like that found on YouTube. However I prepared to say that if you’re a current YouTube user, you might want to think now about grabbing your own username. I’m not saying the levee has broken and there’s no going back, I’m just saying that YouTube like Coke just found its Pepsi.

Is Text Blogging Dead?

Will we be remembered as the generation who like generations before who bought into the fads of their time? I.E. eight track or vinyl records, which then passed it up for better technology? I for one hope not.
You know what I’m talking about, online video sites like YouTube and LiveVideo are bringing the true power of online communication to anyone with a good internet connection. In just shear minutes I can post a slam video about someone I hardly know, half a world away.

One day will we be saying “Text was so ninety’s”
And we might be right. But then again are there not some things that spoken words can not bring across?
I just don’t know anymore. But I for one plan on keeping this text blog around for as long as I know that its best to walk with one foot in front of the other.

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