news blog logo The Empty Chamber: 2009-08-23

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Blog Post about Nothing?

Have I gone so low that I post this posting to say I have nothing to say?

has this become the Seinfeld of blogs? Like the hit 90s T.V. program about nothing?

I don’t know if this blog is a hit or not but I do have something to say. Hello, ya it’s been a while. I’m back and I’m still pissed! we have a new administration so I’m not going to nag on the politics all day. Although I do wish to expose whom I think is nothing more then dumb asses. By the way is dumbasses.com taken? Anyway my neighbor, yes Jerry I’m talking about you. Jerry says the second amendment should allow you to take a loaded handgun to a presidential event. Because the framers of this country did not forbid it by name.

Hey Jerry ELVIS DIDN’T DO NO DRUGS either I bet.

Jerry you’re a moron I don’t know how you survived child birthing. I mean really!

So anyway I think that’s going to be the dumbass of the day. Updates as they come in.


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