news blog logo The Empty Chamber: 2006-08-20

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Former Bin Laden Concubine Speaks Out: U.S. needs to send Whitney Houston to Afghanistan

Today it was announced that Kola Boof, a former Bin Laden “Sex Slave has a growing fascination with American star Whitney Houston and for what its worth I think we should send Whitney Houston to Afghanistan. And I don’t mean with a full envoy. Just lour her onto the plane with a white substance and then when its time, just push her out of the plane. Give her a cell phone and some walking around cash.

It’s not much better for Bin Laden who hates America and everything about her. Hey Osama, you cant have it both ways you sick fuck. You cant hate America and go for one of its heroines. Two faced bastard, suck on my deep fried confection sweeties.

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