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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Al Franken for senate

He might be a past SNL star, a former radio host for a failing broadcast company or a political commentator to some. But to the citizens of Minnesota he just very well may be their next senator. There is no more questions of his candidacy in this race, he’s in.

In his video address to the internet which was posted on AlFranken.com and YouTube.com he speaks to the citizens of Minnesota as well as anyone who cares to listen. With puppy dog looks and with a sense of humor (toned down) he stated why he is the best person to lead Minnesota forward. He spoke in support of stem cell research as well as the preservation of social security, while leaving the term of labeling himself a liberal and exchanging it for progressive. He speaks like a true Minnesotan, Franken is a student of the of the late senator Paul Wellstone, of which many consider a man who brought new life into the democratic party. Sounds almost like an old school democrat featuring core values combining it with new century democratic policy.

I think it’s time we let Al have his chance, he’s been gromed by the best in the business. I just want to see Stuart Smiley (Al Franken) debate on the floor of the senate.

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