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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da Vinci’s Last Stand

You might say that I have been waiting over a year to see The Da Vinci Code adapted onto the big screen. I should clarify that I am a Da Vinci Code Fan. There are those who call themselves Da Vinci Code believers; however they are few and far between. Gay marriage won’t destroy regular marriage nor will The Da Vinci Code destroy the modern Christian church.

Is the movie fiction? Yes without a doubt. Is the movie factual? You better believe it. The modern church’s foundation is anchored on bloodshed, lots of bloodshed. Are there other Gospels not included in the Bible? No question.

I walked into our multi-plex theater here on the Missouri river flood plane. The crowed was mixed and not quite half full. Although I felt there was uneasiness in the audience. When the movie was over I felt no different about the world around me, or the religion that dominates the western world. Because after all it was only a movie.

There was no visible protest in this part of the country. But I’m sure somewhere, someone is already worked up and is protesting this fictional movie. On my way back from the movie theater I noticed something worse then a movie the question’s beliefs. A homeless man, I’m sure there were more. Maybe if you took care of him first I would take your protest seriously.

But that will never happen. Not in the last 2000 years.

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